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Homemade Baby Food with Baby Blender

Homemade baby food ensures that the baby gets fresh nutritious food yet you save your money as well.  All one needs to make baby food at home is a pot, a blender, and storage trays, pouches, and jars.

Young babies initially eat only simple foods comprising of a single ingredient. You can prepare initial stages of baby food by either boiling vegetables or fruits in the smallest quantity of water possible or steaming them. Though steaming is considered to be better than boiling but if you are boiling food for your baby ensure that the water used for boiling is not thrown and rather used for blending it so that vitamins are preserved. When the food is tender and soft, stop cooking and allow it to cool at room temperature. Then transfer it to the blender and run the blender until the food is completely pureed. If the food has been boiled, add the liquid that has been used for boiling and it was steamed; you can add water or formula or breast milk for pureeing the baby food. For further information visit: Best Baby Food Blender Reviews 2019-Buyer’s Guide.

Once the food has been blended, serve it to your baby. If you have prepared food in bulk, freeze it in storage trays, pouches or airtight jars. Ensure that you have stored the food in small servings so that it is easy for you to remove and use it the next time. If you are using ice cube or partitioned storage trays for freezing the baby food, you can transfer the frozen cubes to a zip lock bag once the cubes are solid and completely frozen. This would allow you to easily store the zip lock bag in the freezer mark on the bag what veggies or fruits are in it and the date on which the food was prepared so that you can easily use it the next time. We may use this frozen food for two months from the date of preparation and labeling the food would ensure that the baby is not eating expired food.

Remember making a baby diet is adventurous we cannot compare it with the dinners normally prepared. If we do blending and freezing this does furnishes us options for lunches or dinners on different days. We can make complete baby food meals in cubes such as meat, rice, and veggie mixed one. If we make baby food using a baby food blender then it will save your time and money plus you would be satisfied that the food is nutritious for the baby.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Fruit Juices

Are you still buying fruit juices at a juice stand when you are out partying with friends? Look around! Fruit juices are not just an occasional drink now. More and more people are now consuming fruit juices as part of their every day diet. If you do choose to consume it every day, it will be much healthier and cost-effective to invest in a good juicer. The packaged juices you buy at a store are the worst since you can even be sure if there is any real fruit in it or it is simply a mix of artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar. Homemade juices are comparatively much healthier. However, if you are thinking that these fresh, homemade juices provide nothing but benefits to you, you are wrong. If consumed in excess, even these fresh, homemade juices can cause a few disadvantages. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of adding more fruit juices to your diet:

Advantages of consuming fruit juices:

1.      Fast absorption of nutrients:

You already know that fruits are packed with countless nutrients. If you consume them whole, your digestive system will first digest it to release the nutrients which are then absorbed by the blood stream to be taken to all the parts of the body. Juicing however, breaks down most of the cellular structure of the fruits and therefore most of the fruit has already been digested for you by the juicer. This means that when you consume the juice, the nutrients will instantly be absorbed by the blood stream giving you an instant boost of nutrients.

2.      Easier way to add more fruits to your diet:

Most people simply don’t find the time or the will to sit and eat a bunch of fruits to benefit from their nutrients. A far easier way to add these nutrients to your diet is to drink a glass of fruit juice instead. Gulping down a glass of fruit juice doesn’t take more than a minute and is much more delicious than raw fruit.

3.      Antioxidants:

A fruit juice is also a good source of antioxidants which provides your body with countless benefits. It’s good for your health and builds your immune system to keep you away from many infections.

Disadvantages of consuming fruit juices:

1.      Lack of fibers:

The juicers make the fruits pass through a mesh to filter out all the fibrous content, allowing only the juice to pass into the glass. Since the juice lacks all the fibers that the fruit has, it won’t provide you with the many health benefits that come from fibers. In this way you are wasting an essential and beneficial part of the fruit. Since you can easily loose the fibers by using a regular juicer, it is advised to use a ColdPressedJuicer for getting the most of your juice.

2.      High levels of sugar:

Although much better than the artificial sugars that are present in packaged juices, the fresh juices still contain a large amount of natural sugars in them. not only do they contribute to weight gain but they are also absorbed into the blood stream very quickly just like the nutrients which results in an elevated blood sugar level which is especially problematic if you have diabetes.

Should You Get a Blender or Food Processor for your kitchen

With the advancements in technology more and more appliances are being developed in every sector to make your work simpler and faster. Same is the case with culinary sector. Many sophisticated appliances are now available, in the presence of which you would not have to exert yourself even in the slightest with to obsolete tools like knives and mortar. Although you will find hundreds of appliances to make cooking easier, the two most important ones out there are blender and food processor. Although a modern kitchen should have both these tools to be able to perform a range of different tasks with ease, if your kitchen has room for only one or you have a limited budget and need to make a choice between the two, we will help you out. We will outline the differences among these two kitchen tools so that you can pick one that suits your needs best.


Blenders are the best tools if you plan on blending liquids. Smoothies, milkshakes, frozen drinks, soups and sauces are all among the things that are the simplest to make if you have a good countertop blender. The ones which have strong motors can even crush ice for making smoothies and turn nuts into smooth nut butter. The blades of the blender will turn anything you add to it, along with sufficient quantity of liquid, into a silky smooth puree. You can even use it for making food purees for your baby. If countertop blenders are out of your budget, you can also choose to buy immersion blenders which are just as good or even better for a few tasks like making soups. They are simple to clean and use but do not have motors strong enough to process hard ingredients such as ice or frozen or hard fruits and vegetables.

Food Processor:

Food processors are powerful machines which use razor-sharp blades to cut through solid ingredients to prepare a variety of different recipes. These are the best tools for making nut butters, kneading dough, chopping, shredding, dicing or slicing vegetables, shredding cheese and much more. These versatile tools can do much of the work that you would otherwise be performing using your hands, mortar or knife and wasting a lot of your time and effort. Although it will also be able to blend liquids, these tasks are best left to a blender. A food processor will work better with solids and thicker consistencies. You can achieve the desired texture by controlling the time that you process. For a smooth texture you will have to process longer while for a course texture you will just need to pulse it a few times until you get what you want. I surely suggest best food processor reviews 2019 – buyer’s guide (Updated) to have a look before ordering one.


To summarize, food processors work better with solids while blenders work better with liquids and thinner consistencies. To be able to perform all the different kinds of kitchen tasks with ease, you need to have both these tools available in your kitchen.